My journey through Slush

By Veso Varik EBA year 1 This year at the start of my BBA studies in Metropolia UAS I found out about the tech-leading event of Slush that has been held in Helsinki almost annually for the past five years. So I decided to chip in and experience it in a different way – as … Continue reading My journey through Slush


Smart City Logistics Concepts: an international project in Katowice, Poland autumn 2018

International project on smart cities in Poland

One summit, three cities, two countries: IFPSM World summit 2018 volunteers

by Saara Taha and Erkki Paunonen “Purchasing 2020: The New Role of Procurement” was the theme of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) World summit held 26th - 29th September 2018 in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland and Tallinn Estonia. The IFPSM is associated with 48 National and regional Purchasing Associations and 250,000 … Continue reading One summit, three cities, two countries: IFPSM World summit 2018 volunteers

Restaurant day tip – Fööri

Will you be in Helsinki tomorrow 17th Nov for Restaurant Day? Then come and check out Fööri pop-up restaurant on the boat Nikolai II just off the market place. A group of 2nd year EBA students are running the restaurant for a day to raise money for HelsinkiMissio. So you can eat, enjoy the buzz … Continue reading Restaurant day tip – Fööri

Working for yourself for placement

Prativa Bhusal IBL15  3 months placement as CEO of PK Clothing in Helsinki Feb - April 2018 A small number of students choose to work for their own company as their work placement and we in Metropolia do encourage this. Our criteria state that the company must already be established before the work placement starts … Continue reading Working for yourself for placement

Important information from Student Health Nurses

You are not alone It is a beginning of a semester that is going to busy, for nurses too. With the new incoming student from the other campuses, they have roughly about  4 500 - 5 000 student to care of. Since they are new in this campus too, I paid them a visit to get to … Continue reading Important information from Student Health Nurses

Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco

By Parichat Homchant I had a change to interview Parichat Homchant,  4th year IBL student from Thailand who just returned from her placement in Thailand, and now shares her experience with us. What was the motivation for you study in Metropolia? Well, actually I wanted to study in Finland due to its educational reputation and … Continue reading Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco