Metropolia Blog now Open & More to come this week

Welcome to Metropolia Business School’s blog. Recently, Metropolia Business School’s website has been updated at and has been linked to this blog.

The new website plan is to be more dynamic by continuously progressing and coming up with new ideas that will be of great interest to students. In fact a group of digital marketing students has joined in updating the webpage, but certainly you might also have some ideas on your mind regarding the improvements for Metropolia Business School’s website.

With your help we’d like to keep the interest toward the website at a high and long-lasting level. In this way we’d be pleased to stay in touch with all of you.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts about the website’s content and design with us in this blog.

We will be updating this blog all of this week with new posts detailing more about the plans for the Metropolia Business School website.

This blog is developed by Metropolia Business School Students studying digital marketing, so the idea is student information for students by students. So feel free to comment!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Metropolia Business SchoolLinh, Barbara, Piia, Sergey, Sungyeon
P.S.:  We are delighted to announce that Nike Finland has cooperated with Metropolia Business School in order to run an amazing competition. The competition details (click here) will soon be included to our blog’s competition page detailing all further requirements when applying to take part.  You can win sought-after prizes by creating an interactive and unique newsletter for Nike Finland.