Win Win – English for your business career

WIN WIN Our lecturer Louise Stansfield has just released her new book with Jani Munne, Tiina Eerola, Win Win – English for your business career.

This book is not only a study book but also a new approach about communication skills. All texts are written in authentic English and it reflects various styles and channels of communication in today’s dynamic business world.

“Communication is an essential part of human interaction. The benefits of effective communication are many and obvious as they enhance all aspects of our personal and professional lives.”  Louise Stansfield

Louise hopes this book will encourage students and teachers to select and adapt the book’s material according to their needs.

We finally met her on the 4th of November and were able to interview her.

Barbara – Why did you choose this book’s title?
Louise – Win Win is a way that all participants can benefit from it in one way or the other. I got the idea that if they buy this book, they get something. Also EDITA wanted a short title like “Big Deal” so they really liked this title when they heard it.

Barbara – What is the aim of this book?
Louise – This book covers essential skills and language needed in today’s complex business world. We would like to motivate Finnish students and students studying in Finland to take note of the importance of networking and communication rather that translating or English grammar. All texts are written in 100% real English!

Barbara – What is the idea behind the book?
Louise – We would like to give vocabulary and language that you need for communicating in English in today’s business world and encourage the student to be active, discuss and develop their verbal skills. This book is divided into 3 sections of 7 units. In section 1, Work, you will learn vocabulary and language for business and working in a company. Section 2 is called International, which focuses on working in global business and serving the customers. Section 3, Niche, focuses on the area of your specialisation: management, accounting, finance, marketing, logistics, international business and IT.

Barbara – Why did you decide to write this book?
Louise – We used to use Arja Hannukainen’s “Big Deal”. But the business world is changing and we found that we needed to update this. She and EDITA asked me to update “Big Deal” about two years ago and I decided to create a new book with Jani Munne, Tiina Eerola.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank many contributors especially the lecturers of Helsinki Metropolia UAS and the many individuals and companies (about 60 companies) who gave us their time, shared their knowledge and material.

Barbara – How long did it take you to write?
Louise – It took 2 years because it was a big project we had some administrative challenges. However, this book has a lot of examples and real material so we didn’t need to write all the text ourselves. The actual writing of the original manuscript didn’t take such a long time and we did that in summer 2008.

Barbara – Who is the target market for this book?
Louise – This book is a text book for students of business in higher education in Finland. I’d really like students to keep and use this book after their graduation.

Barbara – How are you advertising this book?
Louise – We already have a website and we are going to use YouTube, Twitter and Facebook fan group. We are going to have more focus on advertising when the teachers’ material comes out on the market.

Barbara –  When and where is this book available?
Louise – The book is out now but we hope the teachers’ material and DVD will be available in January. You can already find it in book store or online net market. The price of this book will be about 43 euro and you might get a student discount depending on where you buy it.

Barbara – One phrase to captivate the attention of readers. Why they should read it?

Louise – English is essential in today’s global business world and so are good communication skills and with this book you can develop both.