International Day 24th of November 2009

Metropolia Business School’s international students together with the International Office welcomes you to the International Day on the 24th of November 2009. The event starts at 11.00 and finishes around 14.00.

This year marks the 10th edition of International day, since 1999.  Metropolia Campus in Myyrmaki organizes this event…an event in which students all around the world have a lot of fan, sharing their culture with others!!!

This year’s theme is Carnival! Additionally they´ll offer great music by DJ Henzel, delicacies from all over the world and great international atmosphere with performances and competitions.

Organising committee:
Jun hyeong Park, Sara Alvarez, Vivian Maar, Maureen Wanjiku, Anni Le, Teresa Caon Anniina Virta and International coordinators Eija ja Elin

Interview with Eija Tamminen the International Coordinator of Metropolia:

Barbara & Sungyeon – Why is the event being organised?
Eija – There are many reasons for organising an International Day.

The first reason is the Internationalisation at Home aspect. Myyrmäki Campus is very international; nearly 100 exchange students’ study in Myyrmäki Campus every semester + there are many international degree students. Introducing international students and different cultures to Myyrmäki

Campus students and staff is the second reason and third to promote student exchange opportunities in the partner universities around the world. On International Day, all international students represent their nationalities and their home universities to Metropolia students. The international office and placement coordinator also promotes different student exchange and placement programmes and opportunities.

The fourth reason is promoting international tutoring activities. Metka is recruiting students in the event.

….and of course we want to have fun!

Barbara & Sungyeon – What are the plans?

Eija – International Day is slightly different each year. The organisers decides the activities every year. Autumn 2009 the theme is “International Carnival”.

There will be international food prepared by students, DJ, competitions, performances, etc. Again, the key point of this event is to have fun all together!

Barbara & Sungyeon – Who organize this day?

Eija – International students and tutors with the help of the International Office. This year the team is Junhyeong Park, Maureen Wanjiku, Hyunh Anh Le, Sara Alvarez, Vivian Maar, Teresa Caon and Anniina.  Eija Tamminen and Elina Värtö from the international office help and support the event.

Barbara & Sungyeon – Who can participate in this day?

Eija – All students and staff is warmly welcomed for the event, no matter which field they belong.

Barbara & Sungyeon – What do students usually present on the day?

Eija – Usually it was all about different food from each country and activities with some music. Occasionally we had some band playing music formed by lecturers & students.

Barbara & Sungyeon – What nationalities have a stand on the day?

Eija – All international students have been invited to present their countries and nationalities.

The participant list for International Day 24.11. is not yet finalised.
Barbara & Sungyeon – Do you have a list of things students presenting could present on the day?

Eija – We have a list of countries which have been signed up, but we can be very flexible on the deadline for sign up for the sake of successful event. So far, S.Korea, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Estonia, Mexico, Austria have been reported. However, I am quite sure there will be at least 3~4 more nationalities on the day, e.g., Ireland, Spain, Germany, Russia, etc.

Barbara & Sungyeon – Should the student contact their embassies for marketing info?
Eija – Usually yes. And their home universities as well. This year the theme will be different so the decoration will be carnival type. If students can bring some materials that represent their own culture, country, school, it would be very nice and informative to have them in the event, as well.

Barbara & Sungyeon – Do you have provided a small prize for the best stand? or some silly gifts like an Oscar for best stand and a Razzle for the worst stand.

Eija – There will be prizes for the best stand, and for best dressed female and male. However, the prize remains “secret” until the International Day.


WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, TUESDAY 24TH of NOVEMBER 2009 (11-14) near A-auditorium, main lobby.