Our EM08 student Vivian Maar has been elected to ESN-Metka board

Vivan Maar

Vivian Maar was elected the ESN-METKA´s President in early November when the organisation was founded. At the same meeting another Metropolia Business School student Anna Kryzhanovska (EBA 08) was elected as Vice President. Later in December, two additional students from Metropolia Business School students became board members: Ilkka Puumala (EBA 08) was elected as head of Myyrmäki Campus and Marika Svennblad was elected as Event Coordinator. Sara Alvarez, a Spanish exchange student studying in Metropolia Business School became the first intern to the board.

Vivian stated “We can be said to be pioneers in building up ESN-METKA, however in the future this organisation will bring a great deal of connections to both the Business School and to Metropolia in general. We are bringing more interaction between different campuses and events that have not existed before.”

ESN-METKA Facebook
ESN-METKA Facebook

“At the moment we are building our website : http://www.metkaweb.fi/esn-satellite-3.0/ , however the domain will be changed to esn.metkaweb.fi soon. We have also opened ESN-METKA´s group both on Facebook(informal) and Tuubi(formal). Everyone is invited to join!”

The digital marketing team will interview Vivian in the coming weeks to get an update on the plans for ESN-METKA and what activities are planned.


ESN-METKA is a group forinternationally minded” students within The Student Union METKA. ESN-METKA is in charge of all the fun and games, and is an organ within the Student Union METKA’s International section.

This student association’s main target group is exchange students from ALL OVER the world and Metropolia’s own students, both Finnish and international. We collaborate with other ESN-sections in Helsinki, Finland and worldwide!