Interview with the Nike+ Competition winners!

As promised, a sneak peak in to the minds of the Nike+ competition winners, in form of a short interview.

We asked the winners; Jyri Suvela and Ira Vihma, both first year students of Business Administration at the Myyrmäki campus, a series of questions regarding the actual implementation of the project.

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Firstly we wanted to know where did they come up with the idea to use Facebook?

–          “ We wanted there to be something that people could relate to. Nowadays so many people, especially the young, have profiles on Facebook. We wanted the newsletter to have something familiar and be easy to approach. “

Secondly, what was the most challenging part of the competition or planning?

–          “The most challenging part was to collect the ideas together and fulfill them.”

How did you promote the newsletter?

–          “We did it by having real content and by having some extras,
like the competition and  a facebook-group,  we also wanted the layout to
be noticeable. We just wanted it to be a good package.”

What about background research, did you do any and if; what kind of research?

–          “We got to know the Nike+ site and that way we got the idea to start the
competition Finland vs. Sweden. We already got the idea for the local events, for those we just checked the right dates and that was it.”

How about the tools that you used for this project?

–          “We used Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS4.”

And lastly; was this your first project of this nature?

–          “Yes, although Jyri had already done something similar before through doing websites.”

Thank you Jyri & Ira for your time and congratulations once more!

Stay tuned for updates, kids!