Nike+ Competition winners presented with their Prizes

Today both Jyri Suvela and Ira Vihma the Metropolia Business School & Nike+ competition winners were presented with their winning prizes.

Pia Silvo Nike Retail Brand Manager presented the students with their custom designed NikeiD runners

Ira Vihma Presented with NikeiD Runners by Pia Silvo Nike Retail Brand Manager
Ira Vihma Presented with NikeiD Runners by Pia Silvo Nike Retail Brand Manager

The presentation took place at Nike Finland offices and Pia detailed how ideas from Jyri & Ira’s newsletter are being used in Nike Running newsletters. Pia explained that Nike was impressed with both the quality of the content and the design layout of Jyri & Pia’s newsletter. Pia noted how Nike Finland has plans to include more localised Finnish news in future newsletters.

Pia highlighted a number of upcoming ideas and innovation as regards Nike and Nike Running in particular this coming September there will be increased running initiatives.

Jyri Suvela Presented with NikeiD runners by Pia Silvo Nike Retail Brand Manager

One recent Nike Running initiative launched in the USA was the ‘Help for Haiti’ Nike+ challenge. All runs logged to the challenge between February 1, 2010 to February 22, 2010 were used to help Nike raise up to $100,000 as part of their overall commitment to donate $500,000 to the efforts in Haiti. $1 was donated for every mile/kilometer run with a goal of reaching 100,000 miles (or 160,000 kilometers).

Jyri Suvela & Ira Vihma with their Prizes
Jyri's NikeiD runner design Click Pic
Ira's NikeiD Runner Design Click Pic

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