Experiences from Amsterdam / an interview with Sampsa

We did a quick interview with a fellow student who spent his autumn semester studying in Amsterdam, INHolland University of Applied Sciences. We asked Sampsa some general information about Amsterdam and his time there. So here goes!

Hello, my name is Sampsa Raitamäki. I am a 21 year old student, currently carrying out my second year of studies in the degree programme in European Business Administration. I come from very very small place called  Lannevesi, located in the beautiful region of Central-Finland. Now I shall answer these questions!

1. How was life in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam? Were there differences between life in Finland?
– First thing I noticed when moving to the Netherlands was that there was a lot more people and bicycles everywhere (compared to Finland). The cycle track network is very well developed in Amsterdam and it can be even faster way to travel short distances compared to public transportation.
– Another thing was the respect towards schedule. Compared to Finnish Dutch people seem to have vague concept of time. For example, we we’re promised to have an internet connection when we arrive to our flat, but there was none. When we asked when we will receive proper connection the answer was: “sometime next week”. Eventually we got the internet in about four weeks.
2. How about studying? Was it harder or easier and how was the school in general?
– Studying was different. In InHolland university students have to take more initiative to learn. This means a lot of reading. The school is very    international and has a lot of more cultures in it compared to Metropolia Business School.
It was maybe a bit harder to learn.
3. Pros’ and cons’ of your exchange period?
– The Pros of the exchange time was new friends, better ability to adapt in new situations and international experience.
– Cons.. Nothing in particular.
4. In conclusion – Was it a good or a bad experience? Do you have any advice for future students?
– It was a good experience as I learned a lot about myself.
– For future students be open minded and ready for surprises. The exchange period will most likely not match entirely your expectations so be ready for that.
Thank you Sampsa for your time and stay tuned for updates y’all!