Generation Web Research Feedback

Generation Web Research

A big thank you to all the students who took part in the Generation Web research! Feedback from the organizers Andrew and Louise was very positive and both were impressed with everyone turning up on time and completing the research so efficiently.

Was it students’ professionalism and interest in the research or the 20 Euro payment that produced such efficiency? A good research question eh 😉 Of course professionalism.

Let us know your feedback and views of the event and the research task by commenting to this post 🙂 . Should we include a poll in this post to see which is the best business school website?

Metropolia will receive research data on our websites by the end of June so we will have concrete evidence about what students’ feel works and doesn’t work with the current websites.

About the Generation Web event:

Generation Web Research

On Monday 10th of May Metropolia students took part in a European research project called Generation Web. Over 50 students reviewed 16 European business school websites online and provided feedback on a number of criteria related to the sites. The 16 European school websites were:

Curtin Graduate School of Business
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
University of Exeter Business School
Melbourne Business School
Waikato Management School, University of Waikato
Northern Institute of Technology Management Hamburg (NITHH)
Derbyshire Business School, University of Derby
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Westminster Business School, University of Westminster
Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University
Staffordshire Business School, University of Staffordshire
Ulster Business School, University of Ulster
Kingston Business School, Kingston University
University of Greenwich Business School
Koc University Graduate School of Business
Jönköping International Business School

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  1. Kafil says:

    It was nice to take part in this research. Thanks for arranging this research. 🙂


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