MetropoliaBlog Poll Round-Up

As we come to end of the academic year we can do a quick round-up of the polls carried out and move some of them off the sidebar to tidy up the blog.

First poll of the year questioned whether students like the new Metropolia Business School Website. While there was some nostalgia for the old site, over 60 percent of students said they love it.  We will look at ideas for improving the site in the near future.

Second poll of the year questioned students’ views on presenting tools and surprisingly just a good presenter edged out Pezi with 11 votes to 9.

The third and possibly the final poll of the academic year was just a fun poll about Metropolia Exchange students 15 seconds of fame on Nelonen Uutiset. Not surprisingly most students (88 percent) voted that the students represented fame rather than shame.

Thanks to all who took part and if you want to add your vote you can still do so below before they move down the post history.

Poll 1

Poll 2

Poll 3