The winner of the Metropolia Mosaic Moments Competition is Jungin Lee with his photograph “My Friend”

It has taken some time to contact Jungin and inform him that he won as he was traveling and difficult to reach. So finally having reached him we can inform everyone.

The winning photograph:

"My Friend" by Jungin Lee

Marko Korkeakoski our Director of International Degree Programmes who is also an accomplished photographer had the difficult task of choosing the winner.

Marko explained the reasons for his choice as follows:

“There were many great photos in the competition but as it was about
student life many good photos were not in the right category. This
photo is well captured, it has good composition and colours and it has
positive feeling. School can feel like that sometimes, cold, snowy and
it is really hard to get further but still you can enjoy your time,
smile with open arms.”

You can see all entries in the competition from the Flickr page by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope to follow by interviewing Jungin, if he is not back traveling again 🙂