Metropolia Business Summer School On Yle Radio Finland

Did you know that we now have a summer school? O.k. so you might have had enough studying for a year but don’t discount it  altogether as there were some interesting courses.

YLE Radio Finland interviewed Marko Korkeakoski and Jenni Jokinen plus you can hear Daryl Chapman lecturing in the background. The interview is in Finnish and you can hear it by clicking on the link below and going from the 15th minute onward.

YLE Radio Finland Interview (listen after the 15min point)

Course Offered

The courses on offer were:

  • Japan as a Business Area and Japanese Management Style, Mon 24.5 – Fri, 11.6 9:00-12:00, Teacher Merja Karppinen (course description)
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership, Mon 24.5 – Fri 11.6, 13:00-16:00, Teacher Daryl Chapman (course description)

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  1. Kafil says:

    Really nice to get Metropolia (MBS) on YLE radio.
    This means MBS’s reputation is going up…

    Thanks YLE radio. 🙂


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