Name the Metropolia School Team Member Competition

Most of our Metropolia School team are starting their holidays.  Here they are as you have never seen them before.  So for fun we are running a competition to guess who is who.

Metropolia School Team Left to Right 1-6
Metropolia Business School Team left to right 7-12
Metropolia Business School Team Left to Right 13-18

Some Clues

Ask this character if he had a good summer holiday and the answer will be “It depends”

This character can be spotted wrestling class notes from the printer machine. Lucky for the printer it gets a summer break.

This character will be able to calculate the probability of a good summer but only after a strong cup of coffee.

This character can finally take some time off from organising students lives to organise her own over the summer plus search for funny YouTube videos.

This character probably will not get a sun tan over the summer as he will have his head in a computer thinking how to make life digital.

For more help try our Business School Website and click people 😉

How to enter the competition

To enter the competition simply click here to fill out the entry form and try to guess correctly who is who.  The winner will be the person who guesses correctly or is drawn from those who had the correct answers.

What Can I win?

Besides the bragging rights, the winner will receive a gift voucher for worth 50 Euros.


The competition deadline is July 31st giving you plenty of time to guess and enter as many times as you like. The winner will be announced in early August.

Competition Too hard

Well it should not be too easy to win but if you think the competition is too hard and need more clues then comment on this post and if enough people comment we will add more clues.

Add your Avatar

Why not make your own Simpson Avatar by clicking here then download it and send it to us ( so we can make a really big picture of our team which of course includes YOU!

ENTRY FORM FOR THE COMPETITION Closed (New competition coming soon)


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  1. Jan says:

    First I was like (o).(O) … but then I saw the angry puffer-fish and was like “thank god I returned my papers on time” =)

    This is tricky task, being only introduced to less than 10 lecturers by far. Can only put a name on like four…


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