What are you doing for the summer/internship?

With most of us now on summer holidays, in summer work or internships we thought it would be nice to get an account of what students and staff did for the break. We would like to have contributors to our blog along the following lines:

If you are doing an internship, send us your pic and pic of your work  (you don’t need to detail the company name if you do not want just the industry area will do) and detail in a small paragraph what your duties are and how you are finding the experience. We will make a post with the pics and paragraphs of our interns.  Send your paragraph and pictures to info(at)metropoliabussinessschool.fi

If you are on summer holidays or take a holiday, why not send a picture to our Metropolia Business School holiday Flickr account. Save you picture with your name or your initials if you prefer and detail the location of the picture. How many countries can we manage to cover on the globe? Click here to go to our Flickr account (you will need a yahoo email address) and it will link the pictures to the right side of our blog (you can see an example already).