Welcome Back to School

We had the pleasure of welcoming the new first year IBL/EM and EBA students to Metropolia Business School. The teachers all agreed that judging by the enthusiasm and interaction during the orientation days, the new students are a great addition to the team. The talent show performance during the orientation days by the new students also indicated that the future looks bright although perhaps more singing lessons required (more on that later ūüôā ).

Next week MBS enthusiastically welcomes back all students.¬† Let’s make the academic year 2010-2011 the best!

A big thank you goes out to the second group of students who looked after the blog and strongly developed it.

Kafil Ahmad  

Daniel Czarny

Romuald Cocusse

Clothilde Romaire

Allan Atroshi

Joni Tillström

A new team to assist in devloping the blog and some of the other Metropolia Business School digital marketing initiatives will be formed from students on the Digital Marketing course. This year we will have a main team to manage Metropolia’s Digital Marketing Strategy and guide the Digital Marketing course team, while at the same time receiving credits for their work. Kafil has agreed to use¬† his prior experience and help out in the main team.¬† If other students who have prior digital marketing experience would like to be part of this team they can send an e-mail to info(at)metropoliabusinessschool.fi

The blog will be updated in the coming days with an extension of the current competition, reminder of a request from students on what they would like to see in the blog and details (plus pictures) of the orientation day out in Luukki.