What is your Top Digital Tool to aid learning?

Pertti Vilpas

This week Pertti Vilpas our resident mathematical expert and social media fanatic sent teachers a link to a blog post “Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without”. Checking through the sites it got me thinking what might be missing or perhaps should be in the top 20 as opposed to another site. Certainly I think wordle is missing. Wordle is a simple digital tool that helps you create word clouds. You can use Wordle in class for example by asking student teams to come up with 10 words that describe marketing and then putting all the words together to see what words stands out the most, or students can include a word cloud image in their reports.

Here is a wordle of what Metropolia Business School Stands for. Teachers are using more digital tools in class and more students are bringing laptops to class so it is increasingly important to make use of good digital tools that foster co-creation and improve learning. The apple Ipad could prove helpful in showing examples and doing exercises without students being half hidden behind computer screens. So what would you as a teacher or student include as a must digital tool in the top 20 (add your comments to this post) and what’s your preferred tool/category  from the poll below?.

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  1. Jan IBL09 says:

    Think ahead, think future, think beyond individual applications. Think GNU GPL and Opensource.

    Think every tool you need under one user interface.



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