Exchange students experience in Finland

Paulina Kilian (University of Gdansk, Poland) and Marcos San Segundo (Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain) decided to share experiences about their Erasmus programme in Helsinki.

1. Why did you chose Finland?
Paulina: I chose Finland because I know that education and life here is on the high level. I have never been in Finland before or any North-European country. Studying here is a good opportunity to meet Finnish people and experience their interesting history and culture.
Marcos: Finland is a great country, the majority of the people speak English very well and also because I think that is a very developed region in Europe.

2. What is the biggest difference between your home country and Finland?
Paulina: The quality of life. Poland is in the European Union but we still don’t have the euro currency. Poland is a beautiful country but still poor. The people have to think every day how to earn some money to support their families. Finnish people do not appear to have this problem. In Poland, the second problem is that after finishing study even with good grades, it is really hard to find a good and satisfactory job.
Marcos: The weather of course. Also the people in my country are more friendly!

3. Which part of Finnish culture you find most interesting?
Paulina: The Finnish people are very organised. They are clever and smart because they know how to manage their country very well to be one of the best economy in the Europe.
Marcos: Girls

4. Can u tell us about best experience connected with Metropolia University?
Paulina: I can study Finnish Culture and in this way I can visit a lot of museums during every lesson. What is more the student organisation – Metka is very good prepared for the exchange students. They organise for us a lot of very interesting trips and parties.
Marcos: The greatest experience is connected with teachers. They are very helpful!


5. What do you miss the most here?
Paulina: I miss the polish food, polish fresh bread,my family and friends.
Marcos: My parents, my friends, my car and my girlfriend!

Thank you Paulina and Marcos for your time. Good luck. 🙂