Last Competition Winner Interview

When we interviewed Oleksandr he had only been in Canada a short time.

About Canada

I have only been here in Vancouver for a short time, but have already fallen in love with this city and the country. Canada has a great combination of mountains, ocean and amazing modern architecture which creates a spectacular impression. This impression is also improved upon by the Canadian people; they are so nice to you, that it take time to get used to such kindness. The only bad thing I could say about the place so far is the weather – cloudy, rainy, and sometimes even stormy. However we were told the bad weather will not last for long and in a weeks time we are supposed to get a good sunny day.

About Kwantlen

Kwantlen is the Polytechnic University where I and other exchange students are spending our exchange semester. So far I can’t say any bad or good things about the university, since we haven’t started our studies yet.
The only event we had so far was the orientation. Orinetation was a good chance to meet Kwantlen students and exchange students. Not that many exchange students have come this time, only about 25 students, mainly form Europe. My first impressions about the campus and school infrastructure are positive, and I am not the only student to confirm this.

Since I didn’t have any contact classes yet, I have nothing to compare with studies in Metropolia, but if I was to compare orientation here in Kwantlen and the orientation organised by Metropolia Business School, Metropolia would certainly receive higher marks.

But as the proverb says – “We shall live and we shall see”. This is all I can say so far about my experience in Canada. Will try to keep you updated…

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