New lecturer Mr. Donald Jordan from USA.

Metropolia Business School teachers’ experience is also a part of the blog besides students articles. Here Metropolia Business School’s new teacher Mr. Donald Jordan shares his experience with us. He is from United States.
He has been elected to the city council of a seaside city, with a population of 35,000, that was recovering from a fiscal crisis. Donald worked as a political activist that took the issue of high water and sewer rates to the national stage and had a meeting with President Clinton in 1993 concerning funding of the federal court mandated project in Boston.

Donald Jordan
Donald Jordan

Would you tell us about you?
I am an American (from Boston Massachusetts) business lecturer residing in Helsinki.

Why did you chose Finland?
I love Finnish summer and windows of opportunities.

Why did you chose Metropolia?
I wanted to be with the best in Finland.

What about your educational background?
My education is as follows:
University of Vaasa – International Business (masters program)
Salem State University- Business Administration (bachelor of science program)
Bunker Hill Community College- Management (associates of science program.

Would you tell us about your training and experiences?
I have a 14 years of experience in of achievements in successful real estate brokerage sales, development, and management. I established a real estate sales company generating increasing revenues, an international management consulting firm in Finland and founded a web based English speaker’s association (, also, in Finland.
I trained and developed sales people in real estate sales and consultation. Provided language (English), business, and cultural skills training to professionals in the greater Helsinki and Turku area, in Finland.
I also worked as a restaurant and retail manager at the two highest volume tourist areas in Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Copley Place.

What was your previous teaching background?
I taught international business, macro and micro economics, business mathematics, and medical English to nursing students at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I taught communication skills and academic writing for the University of Jyväskylä and Laurea University of Applied Sciences and business communication skills at the University of Vaasa and Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences. At Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Porvoo I have also taught thesis writing, writing clinic, English support class, tourism English, corporate social responsibility, USA and Canada, cultural contacts, four separate classes in oral English for Finnish students, English for Swedish speaking students course, and remedial English for staff members.

What do you teach at Metropolia Business School?
At Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, I teach introduction to business economics, enterprise and national economy, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, introduction to business operations, communications for international business, North America as a business area, Nordic and Baltic countries as a business area.

What do you hope to achieve from Metropolia Business School?
Career growth, satisfaction from working with the best to include both my colleagues as well as our students. Successfully preparing our students to actively compete in the global marketplace.

Thank you Donald for your time with us and best of luck with Metropolia Business School. 😀


  1. Louise says:

    Welcome to the team Donald! I think it’s great that we are growing and getting new lecturers. Especially ones like you! Not to mention having a Red Sox fan to stand up to a Yankees fan!


  2. Huyen Nguyen says:

    I really admire his background 🙂


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