The 3rd Metropolia Business School Gala is now over, so what did you think of it?

Anu worked hard to organise every detail of the Gala with Satu, Heidi and Marko rowing in behind. Sami the host with the most and his co host Erika providing the double act that resembled the Eurovision approach slightly ;-). Hayden Lloyd the photographer on the night mixed and mingled seamlessly catching people when they least expected it and snapping some excellent pictures. The buffet was a feast fit for royalty which judging by how well dressed everyone was, one could be mistaken for thinking it was a royal banquet. We are going to get our blog team to follow up on the Gala and add to this post. In the meantime fill in our poll and add your comments to this post.  The biggest thank you goes to Anu for all her impressive work in organising the event. Another thank you goes to Heidi, Satu, Marko, Sami, Erika and anyone else involved. Hope you enjoyed it.