The Branding of Green Business and Metropolia Entrepreneur Club

This week is a great opportunity for everyone who is interested in bussines and entrepreneurship: two events will take place.

The first one is US Embassy Helsinki, Metropolia and Sitra event “The Branding of Green Business”

Presentation by visiting US/Multinational Business Executives
– Kim Jordan, co-founder of New Belgium Brewing Company
– Pedro Chidichimo, Regional President / Europe, Diversey

The event will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 10:00 – 12:00at Metropolia Business School A-auditorium
The event is free and open to public. For more info contact Wendy Kahler, US Embassy Environment, Science and Technology Officer at kahlerwa(at) Also sign up via Facebook here:ESN-METKA Facebook

The Branding of Green Business

Second Event

The Second event is Metropolia Entrepreneur Club meeting which is organized Wednesday 10.11.2010 16:00 at Leppävaara

The event is targeted for Metropolia students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship or have their own company. Please register latest on Tuesday 9.11.2010 to



We have two great guests coming over: Jalmari Raippalinna from Applifier and Kikke Heikkinen from Lilith co-operative. Jalmari is chief technical officer (CTO) and an entrepreneur. Applifier is a Finnish growth company that reaches over 55 million active users every month. Kikke is development manager and co-founder in artist co-operative Lilith. Kikke carries out different projects like CMX product sales and different events. Lilith is a co-operative formed by artists who want to work as entrepreneurs.

We have the pleasure to roast our guests on what motivates in entrepreneurship, how entrepreneurship reflects in their lives and what are the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. After roasting session we will learn about Metropolia student entrepreneurship case. Everyone also has a change to tell about their business ideas and businesses.

About Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society

Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society is a student driven organisation for Metropolia students and alumni. Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society drives to promote entrepreneurship and offer resources for entrepreneur and entrepreneurial people. Let’s build the positive attitude towards entrepreneurship together and change the world bit by bit.

Here’s a list on things we want achieve:
• Provide basic knowledge on entrepreneurship
• Offer peer-to-peer resources to create mentoring and team building
• Create an old fart network of been-there-done-that entrepreneurs for mentoring and market access
• Create a positive buzz around entrepreneurship in Metropolia amongst both students and staff
• Provide segment specific help on entrepreneurial challenges
• Enhance synergies between studies and entrepreneurship.

You can join the Metropolia Entrepreneur Society on Facebook by clicking the icon ESN-METKA Facebook