Scrooge McGreene threatens to ruin Metropolia Charity Elves Christmas

Scrooge McGreene

News just came to us from a reliable source that Scrouge McGreene a digital marketing lecturer in Metropolia Business School has threatened the poor Metropolia Charity Elves (Zoya Elf, Harriet Elf, Jeanne Elf) with failure on his course unless they have at least 100 people signed up to attend the Metropolia Charity Event in Facebook and they gather at least 70 presents under the Christmas tree on Monday 29th of November. Scrooge said that all campaigns should have a measurement goal and failure to reach that goal means failure on his course.

ESN-METKA FacebookHelp the Metropolia Charity Elves by signing up to their event in Facebook, telling others to turn up on Monday at 9:00 and supporting them throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring presents. Think of the children and think of the poor elves.


  1. Jere says:

    OMG. This is just outrageous! You cant fail people because of that! Think about christmas spirit and all that. And besides how can an Irish be Uncle Scrooge?! Isnt he Welsh?



  2. Jere says:

    Oh, and btw a suggestion for the blog. Maybe it could be useful for people to see how many comments there are on a post. It would help people to find active topics and perhaps generate some more discussion.



  3. Louise says:

    Dear Ebenezer
    I have invited a whole bunch of my fellow FB Metropolians to this event. I will also bring along with me three ghosts of Christmas past who will haunt you for the rest of your life if you fail these poor students.
    Yours Carol


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