Metropolia Charity Elves call in the help of the Angry Birds as conflict grows

We reported earlier how the Metropolia Charity Elves have been working hard to organise a Christmas Charity Event to collect toys for children in need. However the digital marketing lecturer Scrooge McGreene has threatened to fail the team unless the achieve high results such as at least 70 presents under the tree and 100 people signed up for the event in Metropolia Charity’s Facebook page. It now seems that the rift between Scrooge McGreene and the Metropolia Charity Elves has widened further.

The elves have called in the help of the Angry Birds to assist them in their fight for justice but just as they did, Scrooge sided with the pigs. When asked to comment Scrooge McGreene said he was in in the right and also that the pigs were misunderstood. Scrooge McGreene believes his position of demanding proper campaign measurement and very high results is correct. The elves believe scrooge is too strict. Whose side are you on? Vote below

We hope to get both parties to sit down on Monday and resolve their difference for the sake of Joulupuu but lets hope it does  not end up like the Angry birds peace treaty.

See the peace treaty of the Angry birds below.