Metropolia Charity Elves bringing a smile to a lot of children this Christmas

There are going to be a lot of happy children this year thanks to Metropolia Charity Elves and Joulupuu. The toy collection went really well and there are now a pile of wrapped toys in A105 ready to go to excited children this Christmas. The point also is not whether you bought a big or small toy, it is the fact that no matter what the size it won’t be as big as the smile on a child’s face this Christmas.

Chocolate Santa sale went well but we still have some available in the teachers lounge if anyone wants one for 2 Euro. If you missed the chance to give a gift then you can still do so this and next week by dropping it off at A105 or the teachers’ lounge. A big thank you to Marko Korkeakoski for volunteering to take pictures of students and staff for a small fee on the day and letting us sell his cool photographs. Thank you to the Director of the Business School Helena Kuusisto-Ek for sponsoring the Glögi.

Thank you to the famous Metropolia Charity Elves who are Jeanne Elf, Harriet Elf, Zoya Elf and our missing in action Elf: Judith (get well soon).  Thank you everyone for your generous response. It seems Scrooge McGreene might let the elves pass his course after all. If you like the idea of Metropolia Charity or would even like to assist the charity some time go to We will update with a few more pics of the event and model elves sooooooooon 🙂


Harriet Elf & Jeanne Elf

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  1. Huyen says:

    I really like this activity, this is my first time having real Christmas spirit like this. and its even better when I know that spirit will be expanded to other children and the smiles will appear on their faces when they get the gift from us 🙂


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