Competition: Guess the Metropolia team members last chance to enter

Last chance to enter the competition to guess the Metropolia Team members. We have extended the dealine until Friday the 9th.

Have a go and enter as many times as you want. Here is the team for you to guess who is who

Metropolia Business School Team

For more help try our Metropolia Business School Website and click people

How to enter the competition

To enter the competition simply click here to fill out the entry form and try to guess correctly who is who.  The winner will be the person who guesses correctly or is drawn from those who had the correct answers.

What Can I win?

Besides the bragging rights, the winner will receive a gift voucher for worth 50 Euros or we can discuss a voucher for a shop in Helsinki.


The competition deadline is now the 9th of December. The winner will be announced just after the deadline.

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