You can do your part for student recruitment this year!

A message from the Digital Marketing Student Group who have the task of reviewing Metropolia Business School’s student recruitment.

Dear friends, Metropolia Business School will soon enter its recruitment period and we need your help!

Remember being uncertain and how you looked for information when you were first applying for higher education?

You can now save the trouble of potential students you might know by sharing with them first hand practical information.
You don’t need to spend too much effort, just make sure you spread the word a bit and bring more quality learners to Metropolia Business School.

What better way to ensure Metropolia Business School is evolving and improving, than for you to personally pick exciting and motivated people who can enrich student life and culture?

Remember, next time you meet someone new, who is ready to make the important decision of where to study, mention the great international opportunities at Metropolia!

Metropolia Business School Survey

Please take part in this survey:  It is very short and will help us focus our recruitment campaign this year. Survey form

If you need any specific information about Metropolia Business School, just refer your friends to the official or you can familiarize yourselves with the information in it, so that you can be extra helpful.

Thanks! Mihail & Susanna