Entrepreneurship @ MarketingTalks Seminar Follow up

Following a very successful MarketingTalks seminar we looked back and review what it was all about. The post comes a little late as we were waiting to add videos.

Rebecca Kihlman a lecturer in Metropolia gave her students the task of reviewing the seminar and we decided to use their reviews for this follow up post.

Kaisa Laug’s Account

Taneli Tikka

Taneli Tikka has been working as an entrepreneur already 11 years – since he was 21! He has been involved in software and social web enterprises such as IRC-Galleria, Muxlim, Stardolls, Dopplr, Applifier and in a lot of other projects. Additionally, a very interesting fact was that he has not studied entrepreneurship or management of small companies as a specific programme in any higher educational schools. However, he graduated from Helsinki School of Economics as the 1st of his class in the Executive MBA programme. He has failed with many undertakings during his journey, but as he referred to Michael Jordan – the failures lead to success as it also works in extreme sports.

The aim of his presentation was to point out the core qualities and challenges of being a good entrepreneur, especially in Finland. He also mentioned some basic mistakes that beginner entrepreneurs tend to do, such as overestimated formality. According to Taneli Tikka, fancy clothes do not make you more successful. Additionally, he emphasized how crucial uniqueness and differentiation are in business, because as he highlighted every product has a competitor. Taneli also referred to the ability to adopt quick decisions as an essence in enterprises. Although there is a lot of paper work to do before hand, some investors tend to not even bother to read the business plan. According to Taneli’s approach, investors are interested in You and the business You have. He gave a good example of how investors often observe the entrepreneur him/herself and give him/her only 60 seconds to describe the company and the idea, because they seek creativity and the “flame”.  According to the investor, understanding quality is more important than quantity. He also emphasized the  clarity of the purpose of the enterprise. Taneli Tikka analysed the current opportunities in Finland to be an entrepreneur. He claimed that entrepreneurship in that particular country is difficult due to its government’s creation of poor possibilities. The entrepreneur mentioned high tax rates imposed on enterprises and the negative consequences of bankruptcy that reflect on the entrepreneur’s reputation.

The relatively young but successful entrepreneur was a perfect example for students in Metropolia Business School as the image to follow. His success and practical approach were motivating and represented how people can go for their dreams through a dramatic but experiential journey and reach success.

Irina Attias’s Account

Ramine Darabiha

The second speaker of the MarketingTalks seminar was Ramine Darabiha. Like the previous speaker, Taneli Tikka, Ramine was very passionate about his topic: being an entrepreneur. I will mention a few points that made an impression on me and the first one is ambition. He emphasized a lot that an entrepreneur has to believe in him/herself. You cannot afford to be afraid to act because then you waste your opportunities so at least you need to try. He also posed the questions: Can your goal in life be to obey rules that are set by other people? Does that really give you satisfaction? So based on those questions he asked us to be brave and have our own goals.

Next he talked about stamina. How do you react when you fail? Is your team strong enough that you support each other even in the face of problems? Still even if there is a risk to fail, we shouldn’t be afraid of unknown tomorrow. When you have your vision you just need to follow it. One topic in his presentation was particularly popular to the audience who were mainly business students: the talk about business plans and especially the tone that he used while speaking about them. He thinks that a business plan is a good tool for the entrepreneur himself to evaluate all the things that you need to take into consideration. He continued that in reality it is quite rare that anyone else reads them. He also mentioned some critical questions about business plans e.g. How to predict the future? There are many unpredictable things happening every day in the world so I think the criticism was justified.

All in all, the entire seminar was entertaining but also impressive. It gave a lot to think about so I am happy for the opportunity to take part in it.

Overall Account

Mira Valjakka’ Account

The entrepreneur is fueled by passion

“The entrepreneur is fueled by passion” is what we learned from Taneli Tikka in the Digital Entrepreneurship –seminar on the 18th of November. The seminar gave us a lot of information about what the entrepreneur’s life is like. Speakers Taneli Tikka and Ramine Darabiha left us with no doubts about how challenging it can be.

With his 11 years’ experience of being an entrepreneur, Tikka told us how highly important personal characteristics are when you work as an entrepreneur. He emphasized the meaning of a relaxed attitude and perseverance; a true entrepreneur never gives up nor loses faith. The phrase “All aboard on the Failboat” that Tikka used in his presentation described well how entrepreneurs should never be afraid of failures.

The second speaker, Ramine Darabiha, charmed the audience with his excellent sense of humor. He compared entrepreneurship to boxing in a ring against 20 people. He recommended that as homework everyone in audience should study material from Eric Ries (Lean startup) and Steve Blank (4 Steps to Epiphany).

Surprisingly, the speakers crushed the meaning of business plans and planning in general saying that chaos comes anyway and the entrepreneur just has to survive and learn to be a good definer of problems.

Both speakers harshly criticized Finns’ lack of ambition and also the Finnish government’s attitude towards entrepreneurs. Darabiha even referred to Finland as a naive “Moominland”, where people just want to stay inside their own bubble. He succeeded in his mission to annoy us and after this seminar we can even more purposefully chase our goal and transform Moominland into a successful business field!


We used a newly launched feedback system via smartphone and laptop on the day of the presentation and if you have not given feedback or view the videos and want to provide feeback please do so from here or the pic. Thanks Riina Rupponen our Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society leader and her company Kamuni

Taneli was provided with the feedback forms for his presentation and the winner of the €25 voucher was Kati Pystynen. Thanks everyone for filling out the form, Taneli was delighted with the quality of feedback.

Ramine has asked for those who attended to please fill out some feedback via this online survey form.

View the Presentations Again

Thanks to the help of Harri Lehtisaari from Metropolia’s media school we can view both Taneli & Ramine’s presentations again. Harri did a great job considering the A auditorium is not a great for capturing video footage.

Taneli Tikka

View more of Taneli’s presenation on Metropolia Business School’s YouTube Channel

Ramine Darabiha

View more of Ramine”s presenation on Metropolia Business School’s YouTube Channel

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