Daniel and Kafil sharing their opinions about the Unite Student Conference.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science chose two students to represent at the Unite Student Conference which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 21st November to 25th November 2010. Fortunately, both students had been selected from IBL08. Daniel Czarny and Kafil Uddin Ahmad were the representatives in the conference. They are sharing their opinions with us.

Daniel Czarny
Daniel Czarny

Daniel says:

An essential message I caught up is: it’s never too late to start the career you really wanted. Many of the lecturers talked about their working experience and how they started their working life in a totally different area while over the years they realized what they really wanted to do and to be.

Though I have spent lots of my time abroad it was interesting to hear from a lecturer how we should cope with various cultural differences.

And what I like most was the fact that I have met plenty of young, motivated people like myself. During the conference I could share my ideas and visions with other colleagues which also helped me to broader my view and to get some real future networking contacts.


Kafil Uddin Ahmad
Kafil Uddin Ahmad

Kafil says:

The conference topic was Employability Skills. There were all together 90 students and many guest speakers from different background and from difference countries. They shared their various views and experiences with us.

What I learned from this conference? I learned how to convince  an employer to obtain a work place and how to be well prepared for a work place etc.. But the main and foremost thing I learned was culture is such an important issue in life and the workplace.

What I gained from this conference? If I answer this question than I should say I gained a good network of contacts and friendships which might be helpful in the future.

Oh and last but not least, this was a fun trip for me from which I have learned a lot. I would like to thank Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences for selecting me for this conference. I also would like to thank our Metropolia Business School’s international affairs coordinator Ms Eija Tamminen for her help during my visa process to attend the conference since I am a non-EU student.

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