Metropolia Business School mentioned on top business blog: Springwise

Metropolia Business School App ‘MetroBizSc’ was just listed on a major business blog.


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Springwise published and article about AppMakr, the company Metropolia Business School used to develop the ‘MetroBzSc’ and had this to say about Metropolia Business School:

“One recent example of an app developed using the platform is MetroBizSc, targeting all those affiliated with Finland’s Metropolia Business School.”

Metropolia Business School has plans to make Apps for other operating systems, so if you have some knowledge of making Apps get in touch with us because we will have an incentive of a top smartphone that you can keep after testing. Contact info(at)

So overall it was nice to get some free publicity for our App and for Metropolia Business School. Read the full review from Springwise by clicking on the image below.