Jolly Dragon Student Embassy at your service.

Jolly Dragon (JD), which is run through Unfair Advantage Ltd Oy, has numerous possibilities for carrying out project studies, practical training placements and thesis topics.  JD is located in Helsinki and operates all year long.  Building social networks around fun and easy-going events is a core focus but the concept is growing all of the time.  We are searching for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals who would like to learn by doing and have a little fun in the process.  The official working language is English although Finnish may be used for projects and training placements.

The attachments provide ideas about the concept of JD and the types of project studies and thesis topics available.  Looking to carry out a practical training?  Jolly Dragon is also seeking trainees who are interested in marketing, event planning, research and networking.  At the current time JD does not offer a salary for trainees although a commission may offered when possible.  We ask that trainees participate in at least one event per week with our company and the events can be arranged on a weekly basis according to one’s own schedule.

Whether you wish to pursue a project study idea, thesis topic or to become a trainee, please send your CV and a cover letter explaining your interests, your qualifications and how you can contribute to JD.  Please send your application material by 15 March 2011 at 16:00.  All those applying will be contacted by email within one week of the application deadline.  Please email all inquiries and application material to Mari Alila at

Student Embassy attachment


Marketing research about Jolly Dragon

  1. International Students of a particular school / unit
  2. Tourists

Awareness of Jolly Dragon

  1. Getting to know Jolly Dragon in different ways
  2. Awareness of purpose of Jolly Dragon
  3. Members vs. Jolly Dragon
  4. Word of mouth vs. Social Media

International careers in Finland

  1. Possibilities of a foreigner in the Finnish job markets
  2. Entrepreneurship as an only choice?
  3. Companies in cooperation

Expat knowledge in Finland

  1. Different information channels
  2. Different groups / associations
  3. Awareness of different groups / associations when entering Finland

Internationalization at home

  1. Finns with international expectations – careers / free time
  2. Awareness / Search engines (if interested)

Entering Finland

  1. Finding a job / social network / discussion groups / churches etc
  2. Services to get to know Finland (Infopankki, In To Finland, etc)

Moving to Helsinki

  1. Services for Finns who move from other cities
  2. Marketing potential / where to find them


  1. Social communities helping crime
  2. How many social communities it takes to reduce crime

Event Management

  1. Creating and reporting an event
  2. Marketing of the event
  3. Feedback from clients / customers / venues
  4. Maintaining the client base

Turning your hobby into a business

  1. Can it be done
  2. How to turn your hobby into a business
  3. How successful is the business

Marketing campaign for Jolly Dragon / particular event

a.  Create a marketing campaign for Jolly Dragon / particular event

b. Target groups

c.  Event promotion

d.  Long lasting relationships


Evaluation of Jolly Dragon marketing (e.g. web pages, Facebook)

  1. The possibilities of marketing
  2. Interaction with users / members
  3. Different Social Media tools to use by Jolly Dragon
  4. Creation of brochures / business cards / leaflets
  5. Best way of getting known to the people?

Client management

  1. Acquiring clients
  2. Maintaining clients
  3. Renewing lost clients

Feedback channels from clients / venues

  1. How is feedback collected
  2. What ways feedback could be collected
  3. Relationship between Jolly Dragon and the client
  4. Creating a feedback tool

Looking forward to receive your application! 🙂