MetroBizSc Apple App Exciting Update – Socialize

If you downloaded our MetroBizSc App for your Iphone/Ipod or Ipad then you may have noticed it is now updated.

So what is so exciting about the new version?

Apart from extra additions such as Metropolia Charity tab and about tab, the new version includes Socialize from AppMakr the company we used to make the App.  Socialize adds a community within our App in other words those who download the App can socialize with each other and interact more fully with the content we produce. And oh yeah did we mention MetroBizSc is only one of 100 or so Apps to have Socialize.

We spoke to John Greene our Digital Marketing Lecturer who was recently published on AppMakr‘s blog where he commented about Socialize and MetroBizSc

John Greene

“Socialize will provide Metropolia Business School with a great way to develop our community and have students provide real time feedback, take part and influence community progress,” he said. “Socialize is the missing part of the building block that takes our online content and community development and makes it fully interactive.”

See full text on AppMakr‘s blog from here

What exactly is Socialize & What does it do?

MetrobizSc with Socialize has strong similarity to AppMakr‘s own latest App both of which will be shown at the South by Southwest convention currently running in Austin Texas USA.  So Here are screen shots of the unofficial SXSW Guide app running Socialize and you can see how you can use it:

A big thanks again to AppMakr. Thanks also to Besnik Shala for another loan of your Mac. If you have not had a chance to download MetroBizSc then do so from the App Store or from ITunes.

We will report more on this story in the coming days.