Audio Brand Contest for Metropolia Business School Week 1 Review

The first week is nearly over in the contest to find an audio brand for Metropolia Business School. There are close to 30 entries and the quality has been really good. Certainly the contestant Trollz has a number of entries that appear to be popular, with Trollz topping the Facebook Likes for first, second and third place followed by XayberOptix in joint fourth with Music Vee.

Go check out the tracks and help us decide what would be the best audio brand for Metropolia Business School.

Go to our competition page in AudioDraft

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Enter the competition if you have the audio skills (there are free audio composing software sites on the net such as AudioTool) There is $200 prize money for the winning composer.

Vote for the best entry by pressing like on the Facebook button to the side of the entry and we will add the star level.

Don’t forget in the fourth week we will have a poll for you to choose the best track from the top four and be eligible to win a 50 Euro Amazon Voucher.

Get Voting or should we say Liking