Innovation Challenge: Video Diary

We reported some time ago about the very successful first innovation challenge and the feedback that host company Microsoft were very impressed with Metropolia students.

Some videos of the days events were taken and we just got hold of them today. You can seen the short video of the day below and some longer ones are  available on Metropolia Business School‘s YouTube channel.  You can also read what the event was about and see the pictures by clicking on the related articles.


  1. Onni Nikkinen says:

    Great job all who attended and congratulations to the winners!

    On an unrelated topic I think this video gives a subtle hint on the problem of exchange student integration we have in Metropolia Business School: The winning team appears to consist solely on Finnish students as opposed to the second team being primarily exchange students.

    I hope forthcoming exchange students get more organized icebreaking session’s with the regular students to overcome this.

    PS. Skydrive rocks!


    1. Hi Onni,

      Actually the groups were formed from counting off numbers and many of the students are not exchange students but foreign students studying in Metropolia UAS. There was a combination of business students and students from other faculties too. Because all the students of each faculty sat together the number counting helped to split up the groups by faculty. So in this case it was just a coincidence of the exchange students in one group but something to improve in group formation none the less.


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