Metropolia Motorsport Formula Team Launching their new car soon

Metropolia Motorsport Team  is an independent association, which designs, fabricates formula-type race cars and competes in the international Formula SAE/Student racing class.

The Team is very professional and works in close cooperation with the business life. Approximately five engineers graduate annually from the project with excellent skills, ready to meet the challenges of the automotive industry.

The Motorsport teem cooperates closely in a very friendly manner. There are group meetings arranged every week which help to share new ideas, manage all the tackling the technical problems, as well as to discuss the other challenges and find effective solutions to them.

At the moment there are over 500 motorsport teams in the world and the number of them is rising every year. Metropolia team consists of second, third and fourth year engineering students and currently there are 28 members working with the project. The project is developing constantly and at the moment the tenth car is being constructed.

It is a significant fact, that 2011 became the first year when Metropolia Industrial Design students create the comprehensive exterior design of the Formula Student car themselves!

The design team consists of three industrial design second year students:

–       Juha Tuomola, who is responsible for the progress and main design;

–       Mikko Hyrkkänen, a 3D-specialist;

–       Otso Leppänen,  supporting the project in general with his design and modelling experience.

The design of the body started with examining Metropolia Motorsport cars of the previous years. Designers discovered four themes that inspired them to create the main features of a new car. Particularly, one of the design objectives is to create a more streamlined and compact ensemble. After hours of sketching the model was ready to be implemented in to the physical shape.

Revealing of a new car is getting closer and closer. This year Motorsport team will have a chance to participate in American Car Show, held in Helsinki in 22-25.04.2011.

For detailed information about the race look at the following link:

The various tasks and projects of Metropolia Motorsport Group are valuable experience for entry-level designers. You are welcome to become its newest member! Metropolia Motorsport is looking for highly motivated students from all degree programmes. Don’t miss the numerous opportunities for developing your Design, Marketing and Business skills!

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Report by: Natalya Vanina