Are you a Chocoholic? Our Metropolia Exchange Students show their addiction at a recent trip to Fazer

Eungyung Choi & Fabio Elena

Fazer is one of the most famous companies in Finland. Fazer’s business idea has been valid for over one hundred years, and the small confectioner’s business has grown into an international group of companies.

Many students are invited by Fazer to visit their factory. This year Metropolia Business School students had two opportunities to take a tour of the Fazer factory on the 9th of March and 5th of April. Visiting the Fazer factory takes about 1 hour from Helsinki. When students visited the factory recently, Fazer provided a detailed presentation about their history and the development of the company. Metroplia students listened to the presentation and viewed two short videos about Fazer. Finally, it was time to eat. All students rushed to the chocolates and ate as much as they wanted or could manage to eat. However, students soon stopped eating chocolates because there was no water provided. Even though the students couldn’t eat a lot, they looked very content. Also in the Fazer factory, you have the possibility to purchase chocolate and bread  at a cheaper price than in shops.

What did students have to say about the experience?

Fabio Elena : “It was Fantastic. I love chocolates and I could eat many chocolates. However next time, please have water” 😉

Eungyung Choi : “Since there was no water and there was a time limit, I could not eat as much as I imagined. In spite of that I was very happy to eat many chocolates!” 🙂

A big thank you to Fazer. Report by David Donadio