Metropolia Digital Photographers Produce Inspirational Images


Walking toward the school cafeteria a set of vivid images placed on a whiteboard caught my interest and I ventured forth to view the artistic endeavours of Metropolia digital photography students.  We all know the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” and one can understand it more so when viewing the photography students works.  In school I often request my students to get rid of the boring bullets from PowerPoint and use images where possible, imagine trying to explain an image from the slideshow below without using the image, how could you do it justice?

Marko Korkeakoski

The photographs were produced as part of the final portfolio of the Metropolia Business School‘s photography course.  The course is run by Marko Korkeakoski the Director of International Programmes and an exceptionally talented photographer. We have included a slideshow of the students’ photographs below and hope the students do not mind our digital display of their work. We would like to show a gallery of the pictures with students’ names and the official title of the photograph.  The digital photography students can e-mail info(at) with details. Well done to all the students and Marko.

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  1. Pepe Vilpas says:

    Great pictures, well done all!


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