StartUP Challenge a Course for Entrepreneurial Students

We wrote at the end of the last academic year about a year long entrepreneurial course that teachers were preparing to launch this September.

Since the course ‘StartUP Challenge’ is about launching start-ups the course is being marketed similarly as a start-up with a coming soon viral launch page.  If you are interested in starting a business or joining others in taking an idea and building it into a business then this could be the course for you.

Those who go to the launch page (click on the pic below) and enter their e-mail will receive a link to detailed information about the course and later an application form.  If you go to the launch page don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter so that others can find out about the course.

The course is carried out in co-operation with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Finland (JAYE) who provide paperwork so that students can form a cooperative company with a bank account etc. and thus sell their products or services.  JAYE will also run competitions during the year. The course also cooperates with Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society (MetropoliaES) so that if they or the course organise entrepreneurs to come to the school to guest lecture they will be open for all. Other plans are in place to promote entrepreneurship with MetropoliaES.


Some Information about the Course

The course is designed for entrepreneurial students who have an idea for starting a business or would like to be involved in starting a business. The plan is to guide students through the process of taking an idea from the concept stage through to launch stage with input from lectures, guest entrepreneurs/mentors and organisations that assist entrepreneurs.

Students will have the opportunity to pay a small fee and receive an official co-operative status with bank account etc, meaning that the team will be able to operate as a company and sell their products and services.

Course Time & Location

Thursdays: 16:30 – 19:30 (To be confirmed)

Classroom: A 207 (Leiritie 1, Myyrmäki)

How Long: Year Long Course (September – June)

Starting: Week 36 (info session week 35)

There is a limit of 30 students for the course but everyone is welcome to apply.

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  1. If I have chance to go back to school, entrepreneurship will definitely be my choice.


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