Introducing The New Blog Co-ordinators 2011-2012

Huyen Nguyen (Sophie)

Moi! Bonjour! Xin chào!…

My name is Huyen Nguyen. But sometimes people call me Sophie because my real name is a bit hard for some people to pronounce.

I am from Viet Nam and currently I am studying in my second year in Metropolia Business School. My major is International Business and Logistics.

It has been one  year since the first day I came to Finland and I have been asked many times: Why did you choose Finland?

Finland is famous for its free education policy and the quality of teaching. But it is not the only reason why I came to Finland because there are many other things Finland has to offer.

InViet Nam, people sometimes mistake Finland with Poland, Holland or England… And whenever we talk about Scandinavian countries, Finland is always the last country to be mentioned after Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Somebody told me I chose Finland because Finland has all the characteristics I have. Sometimes it is quiet and peaceful, but on the other hand, Finland is also famous for rock music, noisy and can be lively. Finland is somehow  ‘isolated’, ‘forgotten’ but it is still catching up with modern life and civilization.  The people here are very shy when they first talk to somebody new, but they can become the best friends you’ve ever had in your life. So far, after one year in Metropolia, I feel the experience has given me so many chances to change myself from a shy little girl into me today.

This is my second year here in Metropolia and in Finland and so I wanted to push myself further and become a blog co-ordinator because I have never done anything like this before. This year I want to do something different and I am challenging myself with my writing skills.

I hope my posts will bring all you readers a relaxing read after a hard day at work. I would love to hear your feedback as well on how to improve myself and to help develop the blog and make it more and more popular among Metropolia students.

So stay tuned!!!! 🙂


  1. Maureen says:

    Oh! Congratulations Huyen! Keep up the hard work 🙂 You’ve taken on so much responsibility this year, I hope you do well in everything you are doing!


  2. kafil says:

    Finally, you occupied my position. Best wishes for you. 🙂


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