A Day in the life of an Intern in the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Kafil Uddin Ahmad, a student from IBL08, is doing his obligatory internship at International Organization for Migration (IOM) Helsinki country office. Now he is sharing his experience with us.

Kafil Uddin Ahmad
Kafil Uddin Ahmad

Being an International Business and Logistics student, a work placement is compulsory for me to get some understanding and experience in the application of gained knowledge to real life scenarios. I joined the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Helsinki country office, in June 2011, after sending numerous applications. I applied for the internship like so many others and waited for a reply, whilst applying for other opportunities.

Yes, I have carried out different tasks and worked in various areas of the organization, but quickly I realised what needs to be done in order for the whole team to function. As an intern, I am a small but vital cog in the grand machine of IOM-Helsinki. There were loads of learning and development opportunities as well as time to think about where I am and how I want to develop within IOM-Helsinki.

I have been working in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Helsinki country office over the last three months and  recently extended my internship for another next three months, until December 2011, and now I love it! Working as an intern at IOM-Helsinki has allowed me to use more of my interpersonal skills as I get to meet and greet dignitaries as well as dealing with correspondence from members of the public, diplomatic office and governmental organizations. This internship will enable me to develop a greater understanding about migrational policy issues.

It has been a challenge but a challenge that has been thoroughly enjoyable. The people within the IOM-Helsinki are absolutely fabulous. There were some great characters in the office which made me feel completely welcome and they made it a pleasure to get up and go to work in the morning. Working closely with my IOM colleagues brought me a new experiences every day and great insight at the heart of IOM.

Whether it is the career for me I am not sure yet but I look forward to the rest of my placement.

Cheers to everyone from IOM.   🙂