Celebrating the Golden age of Creativity NOW!

MarketingTalksNext Wednesday, 16th of November, a seminar titled ‘Celebrating the Golden age of Creativity NOW!’ will take place in Metropolia Business School’s Myyrmäki A Auditorium (possible will change due to renovation). The guest speaker is Eka Ruola, CEO and Creative Director of Hasan & Partners.

The event is organised by MarketingTalks and promises to be an eye opener into the creative world of Advertising while emphasising the fact that we are living in such a creative time. You can sign up here to attend the event via Facebook.

We thought it would be a good idea to take some examples of Hasan & Partners work and highlight them in our blog in preparation for the seminar. Our initial post is mostly taken from www.marketingtalks.fi/nexttalk 

Some of Hasan & Partners Work

If you have seen the American TV series Mad Men you can understand the inspiration for Hasan & Partners CLIO work particularly since the Mad Men decade of the 1960s was the Golden age of advertising. With the advent of the internet and the new creativity possibilities that exist today it is certainly understandable why H&P chose the title “CLIO Celebrates the Golden Age of Creativity: NOW!”

Clio Award Campaign

Kiasma campaign

Make a Better One Yourself, Then -campaign for Kiasma won a bronze in the integrated category at the CLIO awards.

About Eka Ruola

Eka Ruola is the CEO & Creative Director of Hasan & Partners. Eka has won numerous advertising awards for his work including a number of prestigious CLIO Awards (The Oscars of advertising)

Eka and H&P carried out the advertising for the 2011 Clio Award ceremony under the title “CLIO Celebrates the Golden Age of Creativity: NOW!”

The CLIO Awards is the world’s most recognized global awards competition for advertising, design, interactive and public relations.

About Hasan & Partners

Hasan & Partners is a strategic and creative advertising agency based in Helsinki, Finland, founded in 1991. Its clients include global business-to-business companies, leading Finnish retail brands and innovative start-ups. Research by Taloustutkimus 2009 listed Hasan & Partners as the most appreciated strategic advertising agency in Finland.

Co-operation between Hasan & Partners & Metropolia Business School

Eka and Hasan & Partners have provided a confidential real life assignment for the Advertising & Sales course.

You can sign up via Facebook (from www.marketingtalks.fi/next-talk). The twitter tag is #mrkttalks11.