Celebrating the Golden age of Creativity NOW! with the First Anti-Smoking Fashion Brand in the World: Skunk Girl

MarketingTalks As mentioned in out last post, we thought it would be a good idea to take some examples of Hasan & Partners work and highlight them in our blog in preparation for the  MarketingTalks seminar next Wednesday, 16th of November: ‘Celebrating the Golden age of Creativity NOW!’. The guest speaker is Eka Ruola, CEO and Creative Director of Hasan & Partners.

Some of Hasan & Partners Work

Skunk Girl

Hasan & Partners created the first anti-smoking fashion brand in the world for the Cancer Society of Finland as part of their anti-smoking campaign. The video below highlights the development and execution of the idea.

Hasan & Partners created the simple and effective advert to the right. The advert communicates that Helsingin Sanomat – the leading newspaper in Finland – has a digital twin at hs.fi/digilehti

Rock, Laptop, Scissors

The advert’s title is ‘Rock, Laptop, Scissors’ not hard to think where the influence for the advert comes from.

For the seminar, you can sign up via Facebook (from www.marketingtalks.fi/next-talk). The twitter tag is #mrkttalks11.