Scrooge McGreene is back threatening to ruin Digital Marketing Students’ Christmas

Scrooge McGreene

He’s back and even more meaner than last year. Scrooge McGreene who first showed up last Christmas threatening to fail a group of digital marketing students is back and even meaner. He has threatened all his digital marketing students with failure. They need your help

Team 1 Finnish Yourself  Team Naomi, Paul, Susana, Roldan, Juanjo & Maxime

The team are hosting a big party around the theme of making yourself Finnish. They need mores students to attend. The party is on this Friday @21:00 in Helsinki Club and they are promoting it via Facebook. Sign up on their event page and make Scrooge Mc Greene eat his words.

Team 2  Metropolia Charity Team Nieves, Eva, Dimisha, Maureen, Maria, Ksenia & Maureen

The team have been working hard to organise a gift collection for children in need this Christmas. The team are hosting two gift giving days on the 29th and 30th of December with free Glogi. Help out the team by donating a gift even if it is a small one and tell others.

Team 3 Team MetropoliaES Christian & Daniel

Are working hard to promote the entrepreneurship society. If you are interested in entrepreneurship help the team by joining MetropoliaES Facebook page.

Team 4 Team MetropoliaBlog Jukka & Kristiina

Are working on this blog and looking for students to contribute posts.

Team 5  Team MetroBizSc David, Magali, Juan, Kim, Seungbin & Da-Young

Are working on promoting Metropolia Business School’s App MetroBizSc  if you have a Nokia Smartphone, an Iphone or a phone that uses Android you can download the app.  Scan their poster below with your Iphone or Android operating phone.

Help out the students team and don’t let Scrooge McGreene fail them.