Metropolia Charity 2nd Annual Gift Collection again brings a smile to a lot of Children

It is that time of year again. A time to think about others less fortunate than ourselves. Metropolia Charity ran for a second year, a charity toy collection in co-operation with Joulupuu to bring a smile to children in Finland who would otherwise not have a Christmas gift. This year the following was carried out:

The Metropolia Charity Elves: Dimisha, Maria, Eva, Maureen, Nieves and Ksenia had a chocolate santa sale with the money raised going toward gifts. They also sat at the entrance to the school so that anyone could donate a gift and they would wrap it.  The elves also worked hard in their digital marketing course to encourage more people to like Metropolia Charity and increase awareness of the charity’s activities.

The Director of the Business School Helena Kuusisto-Ek provided a very generous amount of money toward gift purchases thanks to teachers donating their Christmas gift to Metropolia Charity.  Two elves went shopping and bought over 40 gifts.

A gift warpping event occured on Tuesday 13th at 14:00 in A111a and a number of elves (Rebecca Elf, Sirpa Elf, Maria Elf, Eva Elf, Daryl Elf and John Elf) turned up to wrap the gifts. See the video below.

Altogether 65+ gifts were collected. One can only imagine the happy smiles of children when they open their gifts on Christmas eve.

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Have a Merry Christmas/Holiday