Logo Competition

The International Office searches for a logo for 2012 Metropolia World Week. The Logo should be a combination of the three topics of the Week which are represented by different Campuses:

1. Tolerance and Equality
2. Sustainability in internationalisation
3. Development Co-operation

The Logo should involve three different symbols representing each of the three topics mentioned above. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Turn in with at least one of the following formats:

  •  *.jpg
  •  *.gif
  •  *.bmp
  •  *.psp
  •  *.gimp

The hand-in should be send in by 26th of February 10 pm to grit.lehmann@metropolia.fi.
Winner will be announced by 2nd of March and will get a surprise box from the International Office.

Have fun and let the creativity rule your world.