Fun with Friends

More pictures.

Bulevardi Campus turned into a scene of fun, games and laughter when students and teachers of the Metropolia Business School gathered to celebrate the Finnish ‘Friends day’ – the equivalent to Valentines to celebrate Friendship.

Although from the same school – some people were able to meet for the first time and during games friendships developed. They even got closer with the ‘fantastic’ group games – thanks to Anu.
The first relatively unspectacular game of standing on one foot with the other one lifted above your knee and holding your ankle while having your eyes closed started the first round of laughter and competition for this evening. To relax and regain your balance people scattered to the various tables to enjoy the board games or twister or where taking another bite of the enormous feast of pizza, sweets, sandwiches, drinks and vegetables.

The most edgy game of the night also lead by Anu brought the participants to their limits of balance, coordination and stamina. And thanks to people not playing we even got a steady drink and sweets supply. Moreover people got closer than their comfort zone would normally allow them especially as Finns rather keep their distance. To come to a faster ending the game finished without a winner.

The glorious end to this night was a round of musical chairs with dance element. It was a perfect opportunity to see Michael Keaney sitting on the ground and Ross being pushed of a chair.

Due to bad time management we had to plan a fast evacuation before the security system kicked in but we were rewarded with a visit from Santa Claus. In the spirit of Christmas, 317 night until this years, we gave away some of the leftover sandwiches on the street.

Finally we have to thank Anu and Rebecca for organizing so much fun and uniting us.