Don’t buy flowers. It is only Valentine’s day.

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Some of you might wonder why this post didn’t appeared some hours or days ago. But I didn’t want to ruin someones day.

But actually Valentine’s Day is not what it was supposed to be: the day of pure emotions.
It is getting more and more commercialized.

Furthermore it causes unpredictable trouble as on 14th February 200o when the coalition in USA ask to sell emergency contraception the day afterwards in all pharmacies. Even more funny is the fact that in Hillsborough NJ schools on 14th February 1998  the Valentine’s Day card delivery was prohibited because this day was too religious at all.

But how do we got this wonderful day?

Official pages still struggling whether it is really related to St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity or it had been broad up later. Valentine’s Day became  popular during the 19th century when Miss Esther Howland started doing Valentine’s Day card business in the United States of America. Her business grew fast and most of the todays Valentine’s designs root to her efforts.

Why should we still not drop it?

First of all the thought of celebrating love – either religious or not – isn’t the worst of several traditions. And most people doesn’t care of the origins of the date. The flower, card, chocolate and entertainment industry relays on that day. As long as people are willing to pay the price this day will help some economies to survive.
Maybe it is also time to change the Valentine’s traditions once again, to move on from gifts to give time as most young couples prefer. Get innovative.

What can Singles do on that date?

There are thousands of tips how to build up your self-esteem despite being single on Valentine’s day nevertheless I go more with the finnish substitute the Friends Day. There are always people around you which you like and who would like to spend time with you. I just received a message wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day – I would have prefered throwing a party for all my friends, maybe I will do it next year.

What did you do? What was special about your Valentine’s day?

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  1. Mehalet yared says:

    Valentines day is a special day to celebrate together with your close friends and to remember those that are not with us anymore.. Happy valentines day to all and remember to appreciate your true friends to the fullest 🙂


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