Movies – More than just lame Pastime

Who doesn’t like going to the movies? Comedies, thrillers, popcorn and no thinking about the content. That’s what cinema means to the majority of the people and students. Why not make a trip to the movies somewhat more educational.

Finnkino starts a series of Opera broadcasting of the famous Metropolitan Opera in New York City. You will have the possibilities to see the stars of the Opera world in the world’s biggest stage. You have the choice of Ernani starting still this month (28th February) and La Traviata, starting April, 17th, both by Guiseppe Verdi. The last opera in this series, starting April 10th, is Manon written by Jules Massenet.

For those who are not familiar with those plays we will provide you with little abstracts so that you can prepare and choose the best play for you.


Ernani is set in 1519 and concerns Ernani, an outlawed nobleman who is heading a resistance effort against the villainous kin, Don Carlo, who killed Ernani’s father. The rebel also is planning to elope with his beloved, Elvira, who is about to be forced to marry her uncle Silva. Unfortunately, Don Carlo also has designs on Elvira and takes her away himself. A confrontation between the three suitors ensues, with Ernani finding himself indebted to Silva when the latter refuses to hand him over to the king. Silva and Ernani form an uneasy alliance against Don Carlo, with Silva demanding that Ernani pledge to kill himself after they vanquish their foe. Ernani agrees to this, noting that when Silva blows a particular hunting horn, he will commit the deed. Silva and Ernani meet with their conspirators to determine who will assassinate the king, and Ernani is chosen. At Don Carlo’s coronation, Elvira convinces Don Carlo to grant amnesty to the rebels, which he does, going so far as to return Ernani’s title and property to him and to give him Elvira in marriage. The happily reunited lovers return to Ernani’s palace and wedding preparations proceed apace. Unfortunately, a strange figure in black appears, and in the midst of their joy, Ernani hears the hunting horn being blown. Though he and Elvira try to convince Silva to excuse him from his obligation, the old man refuses, and Ernani plunges a dagger into his heart and dies. –

La Traviata

Verdi’s opera La Traviata (“The Woman Gone Astray”) is  a story of doomed love in 1840s Paris. Violetta, who is the mistress of a wealthy baron, hosts a lavish party to celebrate her improved health after a bout with tuberculosis. There she meets Alfredo and becomes smitten with him as he, she, and the guests join in the famous “Drinking Song.” Violetta leaves the baron, and she and Alfredo move into a secluded country villa together, where they live happily for a while. But unknown to Alfredo, his father convinces Violetta that continuing her relationship with Alfredo will prevent Alfredo’s sister from making a good marriage. With great sadness, Violetta decides that she must not only break permanently with Alfredo, she must keep him at a distance by returning to the baron. Misunderstanding her motives, Alfredo goes into a jealous rage that leads to tragic consequences. –


Sometimes young love can be disastrous.  Massenet’s Manon shows all too well the folly of youth.  A sheltered young lady caught up in the glamours of wealthy life gives up a life of love for the former.  After realizing her mistake, things turn for the worst.  Had she not made one fateful decision, she could have had a wonderful life. –

Maybe we will see each other!