Feedback Culture

Everybody talks about this famous feedback and since generation X started working, the HR departments and management needs to rethink its feedback culture. Whereas former generations only looked for work and monetary rewards the new generations demand immediately feedback. Maybe this is a change due to the relatively rich and secured life but actually the shift in media and technology requires new ways of working – including feedback.

The first steps in how to (learn to) deliver feedback were made with the sandwich model where negative feedback is put between two pieces of good news. Even so it makes giving feedback easier there are reasonable doubts about this practices as the positive won’t be able to turn the negative news around.

How to give feedback?

First of all feedback should come immediately and sincerely. It helps nobody if the truth is stretched or weeks after the incident someone starts picking on mistakes. Constructive feedback should be non-personal, prompt, on the point and clear. Nothing is more annoying than unclear feedback as the receiver can not learn from it and most times does not speak up in order to avoid his/her own mistakes being topic again. This is only human and should be remembered by managers.

Accepting feedback instead of receiving

Even so human beings ask for feedback they are more looking for rewarding motivating ones than expecting negative feedback. Especially if someone does not receive feedback regularly he might be offended and not able to deal with it properly. Staying calm and evaluate negative feedback carefully might help to accept and learn from feedback. Hopefully nobody will pressure you to reply immediately accepting is a process that can be learned.

Demand feedback

Often traditional companies do not have any feedback culture but communication skills of managers and leaders can be more important to get feedback than a piece of paper. Besides the demanding of employees the employers need to understand that feedback can be a way to motivate people and create a better working atmosphere in long terms.

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