Welcome to St. Tropez!

It is time for vacation again. Ski Holiday week is starting today, so why not look into some of the top destinations for this week.

Like the Blog team, lots of Finnish students head North, e.g. to Lapland or other their winter cottages, to spend the week on the ski run. But tons of snow, warm clothes during and hot drinks after the day on the run aren’t the only possibilities for the 9 days off.

As we only have 9 days to work with, and student budget mostly only have very few zeros, we wight have to stick to Europe for our travels.

The best possibility to make the most of the Ski Holiday is to get a InterRail Global Pass. You can travel 30 countries in Europe on a students budget, because you get discounts when you are younger than 25 years. Although the pass is not valid in your country of residence you could take a ferry to Estonia (Eckerö line for 18 €) or Stockholm and start your adventure there.

For example on 5 days within any 10 day period you can take a train wherever you like and stay there for a night or two before moving on. But you could also travel every day and just use the couple of hours in between the arrival or departure of your trains to visit all the amazing places. Instead of freezing in the cold you can get a nice tan, and come back more relaxed than ever.

The advantage of a train ride: you can sleep during the night – also day – until the train hits its next stop and you are top form to stroll the streets and enjoy yourself. When you return after this stunning experience you will be the person everyone is talking about. While most just saw the same scenery for the holidays, you will have met the most extraordinary people and seen some of the most beautiful places. So pack your bathing suit and camera and get your ticket.