Did you know…

WDC 2012
WDC 2012

Did you know that the program of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 includes building a new culture sauna?

Did you know that they promise to make the Helsinki public transport costumer orientated including intelligent scheduling at the same time as we might wait 40 minutes for the next M-train to university?

Did you know that they plan to build new apartments at the old harbour areas by using low to no carbon?

Did you know that you can ask for help if you have to chose a colour for your building?

You do not have to.

The only thing you need to know now is what you can do in the city if you are not heading out.
Here are some tips for snowy or cold days:

1. The Finnish Architecture Museum
2. The National Museum of Finland

Or what I would do most likely:
3. Just go out in the snow and have fun with friends.

And if you do not want to go out:

Read a good book. There are so many different libraries in this city and they all have a good selection of english literature.

Just enjoy yourself. You are young. And this is Helsinki.